Capture One 21

[8th December 2020]

The new Capture One 21 was launched today – click on the link below to learn about all the new features

Capture One 21 Explore new features

After a few 30 day trials over the past couple of years I have finally made the transition from Adobe Lightroom to Phase One’s Capture One RAW file editor.

I still use Adobe Photoshop occasionally (being locked into the difficult to get out of subscription package for another year) but only really as the world’s most expensive dust spot removal program! I wish I had moved to Capture One before as the difference in image quality is night and day, especially with night sky images, the clincher for me was discovering that a RAW image in Lightroom looks totally different when opened in Photoshop. ie. there is no consistency in Adobe Camera RAW.

RAW images look much sharper and clearer in Capture One than they ever did in Lightroom and that is before any editing has taken place.

The other huge advantage over Lightroom is being able to use layers for the various masks, gradient, radial, brushes etc.

Capture One’s subtle controls really bring out what I saw at the time of taking the photograph with no need to go anywhere near the contrast or saturation sliders.

It really is a piece of software designed for the purpose, devoid of childish gimmicks. Paul Reiffer’s excellent Pro Tips and Live Editing Sessions on YouTube are a mine of information on how to get the most out of Capture One.
Paul’s Capture One Pro Tips – Version 21 – New Features and Updates shows clearly how to best use these new functions, including Speed Edit, Dehaze, ProStandard Camera Profiles and Easy Brush Adjustments, as well as faster selecting and importing of images.

Capture One comes in different ‘flavours’, the ‘complete’ version that supports the RAW files from all major cameras (improved Leica support in version 21), plus versions for Sony, FujiFilm (complete with film simulations) and Nikon.

I will be adding more information about Capture One as an ongoing series.

Download a fully featured 30 day trial version of Capture One 21 from the link below.

Capture One 21 new features (30-day free Trial)

Capture One 21 gradient filter
Capture One 21 before and after comparison
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